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  • Mold Removal Toronto - Why It Should Be Taken Seriously

    Mold inhalation can be deadly for the lungs and respiratory system
    of any individual, but newborns are more susceptible to the symptoms caused by the mold. It is also confirmed by many empirical studies that mold exposure has many adverse effects on infants as they are in formative process and their body is developing. It is also found out that infants growing in vicinity of mold can develop asthma by the age of 7.

    Early exposure to mold plays an important role in the development of respiratory diseases and these individuals are more prone to allergies and other problems associated with lungs. As mold growth is linked to humidity and moisture. That’s why basements and bathrooms are major spot of their growth as there is limited airflow. Mold can grow anywhere from dry walls to concrete, or other building materials as plywood.

    Why mold is dangerous?

    Mold releases microscopic spores in the air and these spores can be inhaled by lungs. Once the spores enter the body, they start causing fungal infection, itchy and watery eyes, runny rose, sore throat etc. Many long-term effects are also linked with mold growth as bronchitis, asthma etc.

    Household molds cause illness but the prognosis is slow as when one is confusing allergic reaction because of mold spores, they might neglect the long-term effects and might suffer from toxic mold causing major illness. People with weak immune system can be from any age group elderly, children, toddlers or infants if inhale the spores this can also be life threatening for them. As according to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA infants are most sensitive to all kinds of mold and in most of the cases if exposed to the spores can suffer long term serious illnesses.

    Some mold generates MVOCs also known as “microbial volatile organic compounds” which are formed in result to fungal metabolism which make people ill especially children and infants. These compounds are discharged into the air, directly and are known to cause several respiratory problems and other illnesses.

    To avoid this, it is important to prevent mold growth anywhere in the house by keeping an eye and regular checking the house regularly and wiping up the damp areas of the house Immediately. This can also be done by taking proper care of bathtubs, and everything that is involved in the showering process. The key to protecting your bathroom from mold is to keep everything dry. Paying close attention to the shower curtains, mats and other cloth pieces. It is important to take care of grouts in the bathroom to prevent mold growth.

    If there is basement, mold growth can be prevented by installation of dehumidifiers, indoor air quality testing machines, maintaining proper air flow and ventilation in the house. It is important to consult the professionals to check the house if mold is present in the cracks of the tiles as these can be tricky to avoid any hazardous and life-threatening problem.